If you ever encountered a sync problem with one of your Google accounts you are probably familiar with the wide variety of suggestions that can be seen in forums like restarting your phone, reinstall the app or even to wipe your device clean and start over.

Well, recently I had a problem syncing Google Calendar and Google Keep and none of the solutions above seemed right for me. As frequent visitors to this site know, I regularly post a solution to problems I encounter, usually in the form of some code, commands or do these steps (to make it work). For the sync issue I encountered here, I could not find a good solution to write about. That’s why I decided to use my knowledge as an Android programmer to try and solve this with an application.

Google accounts sync problem

Google accounts with different sync times

Of course, before diving hands-on to create an app I tried checking all the basic things like the accounts are sync enabled and that everything works well on the web versions of those applications. None of the common fixes and the ones I listed above seem to do the trick. Apps just refused to sync. Some did sync for a while, but after a day or two, it came back to square one, where for example Android Calendar just wouldn’t sync.

I created an app, which is available to purchase in my store, which tries to fix exactly this. It runs in the background and asks the refusing accounts to sync (sync needs to be on for it to work). So if you are experiencing the same problem as the image above, this app is for you.

FixSync android application

Fix you Google account sync issues with FixSync

FixSync handles those Google services for sync:

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Contacts
  3. Google Drive
  4. Google Keep
  5. Google Docs

By the way, it is possible to customize the accounts if it’s not listed above, contact me and I’ll explain how to buy specific customization for your exact needs.

Why is this application not in Google Play?

Well, I talked about this before in this site, and you can read about it here. In short, Google over the years have made publishing and maintaining apps very difficult for the “lonely” developers, the ones that work as a single man show for releasing apps. Every single update to Android requires a lot of customization and changes to the code that in turn cause a lot of programming hours. While this is hard and daunting, this wasn’t the reason this app is not in Google Play, the main reason is that in recent changes, Google decided it needs to pre-approve some permissions required by the application. Accounts permission, which is required by this application, is impossible to get. So, I post my application here in the hope that whoever needs it, will find it here. Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have.

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