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Why is this app not in Google Play?

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If you are having trouble with syncing contacts, calendar, Gmail or keep, this android application is for you.

On some devices, with no apparent reason, even if the sync is turned on, some of Google products are refusing to sync data. If you go over to sync settings, nothing appears to be wrong, and you can see that some of the products just won’t sync.

If you search for a solution on the web you’ll probably come up with suggestions like restarting your device, reinstalling the application or even worse, to completely wipe the device and do a fresh install. Well, in my opinion, this seems like overkill for such an issue, that’s why I wrote this application.

This app tries to answer this problem. It just asks the “refusing” accounts to re-sync.

FixSync features:

  • Choose which of Google Services you wish to actively request sync from.
    • Google Calendar
    • Google Keep
    • Gmail
    • Contacts
    • Google Docs
    • and more…
  • Runs in the background and asks the accounts to sync when the account seems dormant.
  • Very efficient, and does not affect battery life at all.


Why is this application not in Google Play?


*Please note:

  1. You will receive an APK and you’ll have to install it. As it’s not from google play, you’ll have to accept outside sources.
  2. You may get a warning during installation (see product images) about an unknown app. It’s because this app requires accounts permission which is considered by Google to be sensitive. This app has no access to the Internet and does nothing more than described in this page.


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