Thank you very much for considering buying one of my products.

All of my products are written & designed solely by me and take a lot of hours to produce.

It’s very important to me that everyone who bought one or more of my products will be fully satisfied, and that sometimes may include a refund if the product does not suit your needs.

Refund policy differs between types of products purchased:

Android applications

If you bought an Android application, please make sure that it works on your device as described in two days. At that time, if you are not satisfied, please contact me and I’ll refund your application. I would really appreciate it if you’d take a moment to tell me the reason you were unsatisfied.

Please note, sometimes, due to Google’s internal changes (or an OS version upgrade), an application may stop working as intended. Even though I will try my best to fix it, it may not be possible. Kindly take it under consideration when you decide to buy an Android application.

Windows applications

If you bought a Windows application please make sure that it works on your device as described in 5 days. Currently, the supported versions of Windows are 7 & 10.

Source Code, Images & Artwork

A product that is an image, picture, template or includes a source code cannot be refunded. Please make sure that this is what you need, and contact me prior to buying if you have any inquiries. Source codes & artwork are sensitive products and thus the no-refund policy stands.


Feel free to contact me about any question you have regarding this topic Contact Me

Some of the products I offer for sale

Android FixSync – Solve problems with your Google accounts synchronization

If you are having trouble or problems with your Google products syncing, like Gmail or Google Calendar then this application is for you. Sometimes, even if everything is defined well, and it even occasionally works, these accounts refuse to sync. FixSync addresses exactly this.

FixSync android application

Fix you Google account sync issues with FixSync

Calls and SMS to Calendar

This application registers incoming calls, outgoing calls and incoming SMS as events on your calendar of your choosing. It also adds the location in which this even happened, so you’ll know where you were when you got a call (for instance). You can install this application on multiple devices and the app will add a text to the event to help you differentiate between them.

Calls and SMS to calendar Android application

Calls and SMS to calendar Android application

Convert CSV or Tab-delimited to Flat File (fixed-width)

Easily convert your CSV file into a fixed-width flat file with this Windows Application. You can assign each column a different width, direction or even a padding character.

CSV To Fix Width

Convert CSV to Flat-File