Some sites your browse use code to prevent you from selecting text or even using the right-click on your mouse (for the context menu).

I believe that the content that is on your screen is yours to handle, copy or do what-ever you wish with it. If you browse a webpage and you see a text that you want to copy, to search or to select, you should be free to do so.

After recently having to deal with few sites that do so, I decided to come up with a solution. I published a Chrome Extension (for free) in the Chrome store and solves exactly that. It unblocks the selection of text and the context menu, so you can continue doing what you do freely 🙂

Just go into and add it to your Chrome.

It works only on the desktop versions of the Chrome browser (latest versions).

Please let me know if there are sites that this addon doesn’t release…

By the way, I found out that many online stores try to block you, maybe they are trying to prevent you from doing research on the product you desire. With this extension, you are allowed to copy & paste and use your mouse for right-click.

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