I’ve been an Android developer pretty much since the inception of the operating system. I’ve programmed many apps, most of them for personal use and some for the benefit of the public. Every now and then, Google releases a new OS version, which in turn requires some changes and adaptations for the code and app.

Until now, even if the change made me do a lot of work on my end to keep the apps qualified for the Play Store, I always did what’s required.

Recently, Google announced that it will require apps with certain permissions (like reading SMS or write to calendar) to be reviewed for the necessity of the permissions. As you can probably understand from the title of the app in question, it was one of those apps. Immediately I submitted a request form to Google, explaining that the core functionality for this app is what demands those permissions. After a short while, I got a response from Google approving some of the permissions, but not all (SMS for example), which renders this app useless.

Calls and SMS to calendar Android application

Calls and SMS to calendar Android application

As I wrote, I’ve tried every time to be ahead of the curve and conform to the requirements, which sometimes are very debatable if it’s for the end-users benefits. This time, as far as I’m concerned, this app no longer has a place in the Google Play, and that is why I’m posting it here.


Download here: https://roei.stream/product/calls-and-sms-to-calendar-android-application/

The App’s description:

Calls and SMS to Calendar Features:

* Save Incoming / Outgoing / Missed calls event to your calendar.
* Save Incoming SMS event to your calendar.
* Choose the calendar events that will be written into (supports local, Google, exchange, etc.).
* Event is created with your location in the calendar event.
* Add signature for different devices. (If more than one device is used it’s possible to see which device wrote the event.
* Good for backing up your call logs and SMS, even if replacing and resetting a device.
* Does NOT affect battery life at all!

*** It is highly recommended to create a new calendar (in google calendar: https://www.google.com/calendar) that will be used only for syncing call log and SMS events.


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    • Roei Tabak

      Hi and thank you very much for your support.
      You should have gotten a link directly to your mail with download instructions.
      Contact me via the support link above if necessary.

  2. jgr

    Hi Roei,
    I’ve searched for an app like this for ages. I’ve had similar apps on various platforms for more than 10 years (PalmOS, BB6, BB7, BB10) and now I need one on Android. So my question is, does your Call Log to Calendar word on Android 8 and up? It’s essential for me as I use this information to bill my clients.
    Kind regards, JGr

  3. stylianou.pharmacy

    I purchaced your app and works well on Android 11. Many Thanks !!

    1. Question : The app does not carry a version number nor does it check for an update. How do we know when an update comes out ?
    2. Suggestion : When an SMS is logged in calendar the sms text is entered both as Title and also in Description. Having the hole message as Title creates some problems to me. Could you change it so The Title contains only SMS Number or Sender and the SMS Text be in Description ?

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