Are you having issues with Tuya integration on Home-Assistant? Well, unfortunately, some versions of HA cause it to stop receiving updates to sensors/devices (lights, air condition, etc.).

Most of the time, reloading the integration via the HA interface solves the problem, but what if it’s needed a few times a day?

Until it’s fixed, I recommend to you add a reload automation to this integration (or any other for that matter, that misbehaves as such).


Create automation to reload an integration on Home Assistant:

  1. On Home-Assistant interface Go to Configuration
  2. Click on “Automations & Scenes”
  3. Click on “+ ADD AUTOMATION”
  4. Give the automation a name
  5. Choose the trigger that works for you. I choose “Time pattern” as I want it to reload every hour.
  6. In the Actions segment select
    1. Action type: Call Service
    2. Service: homeassistant.reload_config_entry
    3. Targets, here you need to choose one of the devices from Tuya (or other integrations) and don’t get updates, for me it was the AC.


That’s it, you’re done, and now you’ll continue getting updates and your smart home will function as it should.

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