Reload Tuya Integration Every One Hour on Home Assistant

Are you having issues with Tuya integration on Home-Assistant? Well, unfortunately, some versions of HA cause it to stop receiving updates to sensors/devices (lights, air condition, etc.).

Most of the time, reloading the integration via the HA interface solves the problem, but what if it’s needed a few times a day?

Until it’s fixed, I recommend to you add a reload automation to this integration (or any other for that matter, that misbehaves as such).



How to fix Oracle SQL Developer IDE typing is super slow

I’ve been working with Oracle’s SQL Developer for years through its various versions. This tool has become better over the years and improvements can be noticed from version to version. None the less there is one bug that returns every now and then, and it doesn’t seem to be version specific. This is the super slow editing or typing in the IDE SQL code windows, this in fact, in some cases prevent and interfering with our work. How to solve this irritating issue?