WordPress changes HTML code of the page

Sometimes, we need to implement an external HTML code or specify HTML by design inside a WordPress page.

When we use the text editor of WordPress we have the option to do just that, but if we look closely on the HTML that is generated after the specific page is rendered, we can see some alteration to the code. Those alterations may cause a lot of problems if you build your design (CSS) by it.  Usually, it comes to Ps that are added,  page breaks or other unnecessary elements. Read more of a function tells WordPress to skip this parsing of the HTML and leave it intact.


Count the 1’s in the binary representation of a decimal number

As I wrote here before, I do a lot of professional interviews, and I discovered that the best questions have more than one solution to them. While having an ideal solution to a problem, you can still ask the interviewees for other ways for the solution and putting extra constraints that can help guide them in either direction (maybe to check their creativity, or if they knew the question beforehand). One of the questions that fit this requirement is the “count the 1’s in the binary representation of an integer”.


How to fix Oracle SQL Developer IDE typing is super slow

I’ve been working with Oracle’s SQL Developer for years through its various versions. This tool has become better over the years and improvements can be noticed from version to version. None the less there is one bug that returns every now and then, and it doesn’t seem to be version specific. This is the super slow editing or typing in the IDE SQL code windows, this in fact, in some cases prevent and interfering with our work. How to solve this irritating issue?